Lunch Menu 


w. soup or green salad
11:30AM - 4:00PM

 Katsu Don, $12.50
Sliced Pork cutlets in bread batter with egg over rice

Oyako Don, $12.50
Sliced chicken cutlets in bread batter with egg over rice

Ten Don, $12.50
Shrimp & vegetable tempura over rice

Tofu Teriyaki, $11.750

Chicken Teriyaki, $12.25

Salmon Teriyaki, $13.50

Beef Teriyaki, $14.75

Unaju, $14.95

Mixed Veg. Tempura $11.75

Yaki Soba (Chicken or Vegetable), $11.95

Zaru Soba, $10.95
Cold buckwheat noodles

Vegetable or chicken noodle Soup (Udon or Soba), $11.95  

Chicken Shogayaki $12.25
Sauteed chicken and vegetable w. ginger teriyaki sauce

 Beef Shogayaki $13.95
sauteed beef with ginger sauce and onion, scallion

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Served w. Soup, Salad, Spring Roll,
California Roll and Rice

 A. Teriyaki (Chicken Salmon or Shrimp)

 B. Shrimp & Veg. Tempura

 C. Beef Negimaki

 D. Pork or Chicken KatsuLine Break


w. soup or green salad

Sushi Lunch, $17.95
7 pcs. assortment of sushi & California roll

Sashmi Lunch, $18.25
10 pcs. assorted sashimi

Vegetarian Sushi Lunch, $14.95
7 pcs. assortment of sushi & Cucumber roll 

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w. soup or salad

Any Two Rolls, $12.95
Any Three Rolls, $17.45

Tuna/Salmon Roll
Alaska Roll
Philadelphia Roll
Boston Roll
Salmon Skin Roll
Eel Cucumber Roll
Eel Avocado Roll
Salmon Cucumber Roll
Peanut Avocado Roll
Spicy Tuna or Salmon Roll
White Tuna Cucumber Roll
Yellowtail Scallion Roll
Tuna Avocado Roll
Cucumber Avocado Roll
Sweet Potato Tempura Roll
Asparagus Roll
Crunchy Tuna Spicy Roll
Avocado Roll
Salmon Jalapeno Roll



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